• Glee Forced to Change Its Name and Why That's Dumb
    The New Show Has Arrived! - Glee UK's Dumb Name Change
    A court in the UK has ruled that the show Glee needs to change its name to prevent confusion with a similarly named comedy club. When asked if they were serious, the club said "We're a comedy club...
  • Horrifyingly Huge Bug Found in China!
    Horrifyingly Huge Bug Found in China
    In Sichuan, China, the Insect Museum of West China found the largest dobsonfly of its kind...ew
  • Should Nintendo Give Up on 3D?
    Should Nintendo Give Up on 3D Games?
    It finally happened: Nintendo has released a 3DS game with no 3D whatsoever. That has Nick...
  • Movies That Need Sequels VS Those That Don't & The Zombie Apocalypse- it's #TableTalk!
    Movies That Need Sequels vs. Movies That Don't on #TABLETALK
    Will, Steve and Trish talk your topics and then launch em.
  • 6 Crazy Mobster Nicknames
    6 Crazy Mobster Nicknames
    We always wanted to be king, but not really king of artichokes. But, hey, we'd take it. Check out...

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