• Crashin' Comic-Con: No Badge, No Problem!
    Crashing Comic-Con: No Badge? No Problem!
    Don't have a pass to Comic-Con? There's still plenty to do!
  • Moto X+1 and Galaxy Note 4
    The Moto X+1 and Galaxy Note 4
    Jon R is back to tackle the biggest tech rumors of this week! In this episode of Rumor Roundup, Jon...
  • 6 Silly Things That Could Get You Kicked Off A Plane
    6 Silly Things That Could Get You Kicked Off A Plane
    Be careful what you tweet! It could get you kicked off your next flight. Check out this list of...
  • Special Behind The Scenes and Never Before Seen Footage of Friendship is Recapped!
    Special Behind The Scenes of Friendship is Recapped
    This week's recap is a bit special. Ross Everett from The New Show shows you behind the scenes of...
  • Get Quick Access to Most Used Apps
    Getting Quick Access to Your Most Used Apps
    Today's Android application gives you easy access to your most used apps.

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