• Hollywood's Highest Paid Men
    Hollywood's Highest Paid Men
    Screw these guys, AMIRITE?!?? Screw, these handsome, talented, (PAID WAY TOO MUCH)...
  • 5 Inspiring Sole Survivors
    5 Inspiring Survivor Stories
    Vesna Vulovic was a stewardess who fell over 30,000 feet to the ground after her airplane exploded...
  • Should Nintendo Give Up on 3D?
    Should Nintendo Give Up on 3D Games?
    It finally happened: Nintendo has released a 3DS game with no 3D whatsoever. That has Nick...
  • Glee Forced to Change Its Name and Why That's Dumb
    Glee UK's Dumb Name Change
    A court in the UK has ruled that the show Glee needs to change its name to prevent confusion with a...
  • The Best Tablets for Comics. Setup QoS In Your Router, Anker 40W 5-Port Family Sized Charger, Chromecast Travel, Awesome Marimba Speakers, ComiXology!
    The Best Tablets for Comic Books
    What are the best tablets for comics? Anker's power station for your sends 40w to up to 5 devices!

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