• The Video Kim Jong Un Wants Removed From The Internet
    Kim Jong-un Wants This Video Removed From The Internet
    (Watch short versions here every day: http://instagram.com/atthenewshow) Kim Jong Un is furiously demanding that China stop the spread of a viral video he finds to be humiliating. Saying that if...
  • The 3 Manliest Men To Walk The Earth
    The 3 Manliest Manly Men To Walk The Earth
    You think you know someone who's manly? Have they ever performed surgery on themselves? No? Well...
  • What decade had the best Movies & Music? On #TableTalk!
    Decade With The Best Movies & Music on #TableTalk
    Lee, Joe and Steve talk your topics and then launch em.
  • Sailor Moon Crystal on Anime Club!
    Sailor Moon Crystal on Anime Club
    Reina and Will review the new reboot of Sailor Moon!
  • The Secret to Cheap Gas
    The Secret to Cheap Gas
    In Somerset, KY, the city decided gas prices were too high. So they did this...

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