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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 & 980! Dell Venue 7 & 8, CPUs You Can't Upgrade, Do You Need X99 & DDR4? Hotel WiFi Speed Test, CAT6 vs. CAT7 Ethernet, Moto X.

    Nvidia's newest GeForce GTX 970 & 980 graphics cards, reviews of the Dell Venue 7 & 8, do you really need X99 & DDR4, testing hotel WiFi speeds, and CAT6 vs. CAT7 ethernet.


  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer! Plus, News on Ant-Man & Black Panther!

    Today we have news on a Sci-Fi take on Groundhog Day 'Selling Time', Star Wars Episode VII and Black Panther! Plus, trailers for 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' and two comedies, both starring Zac Efron!

    Film State

  • IRC Bouncers and How to Protect Windows from SAM Attacks.

    This time on the show, Darren explains maintaining persistence and privacy on IRC with your very own bouncer. Then, we set up simple 2-factor authentication in Windows and much more!


  • Windows: Change Desktop Resolutions With A Click

    Quickly switch desktop resolutions

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Windows: Turn Any Folder Into A Virtual Drive

    Create a virtual drive from any existing folder

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Windows: Precisely Measure Onscreen Images and Windows

    Use a virtual ruler to calculate the size of your windows.

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Windows: Preview Firefox Tabs In Your Taskbar

    View each tab on taskbar mouse-over

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Windows: Schedule Automatic PC Shutdown

    Restart your machine automatically

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Windows: Give Your iTunes a Boost

    Enhanced options for your music player

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Windows: Change Multiple File Dates at Once

    Edit your file's date and attributions in bulk

    Tekzilla Daily Tip