• Boners, Bees, and Ben on Sourcefed Animated!

    Attack of the bees, and Benjamin Franklin does stand-up on a new Sourcefed Animated!

    SourceFed Nerd

  • Which YouTubers I'm Going To Destroy!

    WELCOME TO SUNDAY FUNDAY! Special thanks to Sky Williams for coming in to play Fight or Give Up with me!

    The Philip DeFranco Show

  • Lost in LA (Breather + LSTN)

    We used the Breather app to book a private space in Los Angeles, California, and reviewed the LSTN headphones in the process.


  • Can Bernie Sanders Win the Nomination? w/ TYT's John Iadarola!

    Can Bernie Sanders win the nomination, or has his window of opportunity closed? Big thanks to TYT's John Iadarola for stopping by!


  • What Is The Anti-Life Equation?

    Today on Variant "One Shot" Arris explains what the Anti-Life Equation is!



    I'm not going to put links in the description, find them on your own you perverts! ;)

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  • SourceFed D&D S2E6 - Enter the Cursed Battlefield!

    As our adventures enter the cursed battlefield, they encounter a wandering stranger... is he friend or foe? It's SourceFed Plays D&D!

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  • Lenovo and Xiaomi Drop Out of the Top 5 Selling OEMs

    Visit for more info ... Article:

    Android Authority

  • Co-Workers Meet a Snake - Blindfolded!

    Are snakes the devil?


  • WWDC 2016: 5 Things You Can Expect!

    WWDC 2016 is going to be exciting! We're expecting plenty of updates from Apple and, perhaps, even a name change for its desktop OS.