• Elon Musk and SpaceX Will Colonize Mars!?

    Filup and Whit talk about Elon Musk's SpaceX Mars plan, what Mercuryquakes are all about, and also have a couple rad Marvel updates!

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  • The Ultimate Sriracha Taste Test!

    Our hosts William and John are unafraid of even the hottest of Srirachas! Today they tasted every Sriracha they could find miles around our

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  • Speed Eating For The First Time - Hot dogs!

    Speed Eating is an art form and sport that takes precision and skill, watch our People Be Like hosts William and John realize that live!

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  • Weirdest Disney Channel Movies! - The Usual

    Disney is known for it's innocence but some of these movies awoke things within us! Welcome back to The Usual!

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  • Trying Kylie Jenner's Ramen Recipe

    Kylie Jenner released her personal recipe for ramen so our incredible cook host William Haynes gave his best try.

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  • Smash Bros Bet: Loser Walks Home!

    Whoever loses as Super Smash Bros has to walk home! Our hosts William and John battle it out for the hope of their own legs.

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  • Back to School - Staples vs Office Depot - Broke! People Be Like

    It's back to school time so our hosts settle the debate on Staples vs Office Depot! Who do you think won?

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  • Learning About Black Holes Blindfolded

    Black Holes are one of the most complex phenomena of our universe so our host William Haynes learns all about them blindfolded!

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  • Can Ping Pong Balls Get You High?

    Ping Pong Balls could get you high

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