• Apple MacBook Pro Updates - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW - Apple Live Stream Keynote Summary & Highlights (AppleTV, MacBook Pro, TouchBar)

    The Apple Keynote Event from October 2016 gave us a brand new Apple MacBook Pro with a killer new TouchBar feature!

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    Twitter announced that they will be shutting down Vine.


  • Making a Monster & Setting a House On Fire

    Today, Ryan and Andrew Kramer talk the VFX of Ghost House!

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  • Hardware Hacking with Samy Kamkar - Hak5 2109

    In this episode of Hak5 we're joined by Samy Kamkar, the maker of many portable hacker devices!


  • Reacting To The Creepiest YouTube Videos

    We watched some of the creepiest YouTube videos we could find this week on Seen't!

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  • THAT'S RACIST!!!... or is it?! I honestly don't know anymore...

    OMG THURSDAY! We've almost made it you beautiful bastards... :smile:

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  • What is ROANOKE? The True Story Behind AHS Season 6 - My Roanoke Nightmare!

    The Lost Colony of Roanoke and the associated word, Croatoan, are a big part of American Horror Story Season 6, My Roanoke Nightmare.

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  • Woman Who Hates Lottery, WINS Lottery!

    Trying to teach her husband a lesson, a woman in North Carolina struck ironic gold.


  • Are These Bachelor Contestants Actually In Love?

    Former Bachelor contestants Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon have apparently fallen in love with each other! Or did they?


  • Director / Cinematographer Discussion

    Ryan talks with Ryan Booth about directing, cinematography and moving from project to project!

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