• Walmart Tech Haul!

    Walmart gets a bad rap. But you'll be surprised to find what cool tech you can find at an affordable price, and word of warning, you'll...


  • Better Pokemon Go Made By Fan!

    Sam. Whitney. Two intrepid heroes out to rid the world of boring, regular news and spread the gospel of SOURCEFEDNERD! PRAISE BE UNTO THE FI

    SourceFed Nerd

  • Mondays: Following One Idea & Thoughts on Movie Trailers

    Ryan talks lighting a scene with a lamp, following one idea, and modern movie trailers!

    Film Riot

  • Alexa Mini & Anamorphic Lenses

    Today we take a look at the Alexa mini and anamorphic lenses.

    Film Riot

  • Zoo Pleads: Dicks Away For Harambe

    What would you do with a time machine? I would save Harambe among other things.


  • Android 7.0 Nougat: The Wait Is Over

    Android 7.0 Nougat is rolling out now! Check out what's new with Google's latest software.


  • Speedo Drops Ryan Lochte For Being a Dumbass

    Speedo and Ralph Lauren just dropped Ryan Lochte for being a fratboy dumbass in Rio. How many other sponsors are going to follow (swim)suit.


  • INTERNET REACTS: Zendaya Cast as Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man Homecoming?!

    It's Nerd News Breakdown! Maude, Sam, and Whitney talk about all the Spider-Man rumors, Japan hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics, and WB!

    SourceFed Nerd

  • HUGE SCAM EXPOSED! Or Just A Witch Hunt? Also No More Ds Out For Harambe... RIP

    Happy Monday, Nation!

    The Philip DeFranco Show