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  • Worst Passwords of 2014

    Computing... most common... passwords... 2014... oh these are really bad...


  • 5 Ways to Disappear from the Internet

    Have you ever wanted to disappear online? Watch this video to help you disappear from the internet forever.


  • Turn Instagram into a Stylish Screensaver

    Today we have an easy app to turn your Instagram feed into a screensaver.

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • How Popular are Your Tweets?

    If you've ever wondered who retweets you the most, or where your follows are most concentrated, Tweetsheet has all that info and more! On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you how to get detailed data on your tweets.

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Amazon Shortcuts in Firefox

    Love Amazon? Make it easier to get to your favorite Amazon pages with Button for Amazon! Veronica has all the details on today's Tekzilla Daily.

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Find Out If You've Been Hacked

    Worried that your account details have been leaked? HackNotifier will let you know if you have anything to worry about it, and Veronica walks you through it on today's Tekzilla Daily.

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Switch Users in Windows with a Single Click

    Looking for a quick way to switch users in Windows? On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you how to use Fast User Switch and get access to your additional accounts in a snap.

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • TiVo HDTV Reviewed! Bulldozer Disappoints, iPhone 4s Reviews Are In, PSN Attacked Again, Loyd Talks CPUs, GPUs, CloudSave and More!

    A new round of attacks on PlayStation Network accounts, iPhone 4S: the early reviewers love Siri. Bulldozer: AMD's latest should be faster, Loyd Case talks PCIe SSDs, Battlezone 3 GPU upgrades, CPU upgrades (now or later?). We talk about why wireless hotspots probably aren't the answer to broadband caps. Drew wants to know if downloading or streaming Tekzilla uses more bandwidth. Robert Reviews the Insignia Connected TV with TiVo Interface!


  • Reunion Tour

    Kevin and Alex discuss their retirement from the weekly production of Diggnation at the end of this year. Plus, they engage in a philosophical discussion on the speed of light, tour Facebook Timeline & more!


  • Google's Changing Algorithm

    What's up with Google and their changing search algorithm? Join us to discuss what Google's aiming at and what we can expect in the future! Also, see the new Han Solo novelty item that we absolutely NEED, and speaking of Google, the top 15 Gmail add-ons you never even knew existed!