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  • WikiLeaks: CIA can hack into nearly any Android or iOS device

    Visit: Bitbucket dot org/forthecode to start your free account. Article:

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  • Android Issues Emergency Update, More HTC 10 Leaks, Google Revenue Decline - Android Weekly

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  • How to Stop Your Phone From Tracking You

    Looking to keep your device safe? Look no further than our crash course in mobile security.


  • Top 5 Android Lockscreens!

    Android is great because it allows you to customize to your heart's content. Want to use a launcher and change your device's icons? Easy. Feel like getting a taste of stock Android? Done. But what a lot of these launchers don't address is your lock screen, which is typically just a boring PIN code (for security!). If you're tired of the same old swipe to unlock motion, there are some great lock screen alternatives to spice up your experience.


  • How Secure is Android? & Why Phones are so Expensive?

    Join Jayce as he talks about how secure android really is and why smartphones are often more expensive than tablets.

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  • Hulu Plus for Chromecast, Plants vs Zombies 2 is out (sort of), and more! - Google Play Weekly Episode 8

    Welcome back to this week's episode of Google Play Weekly! This week we talk about Google Chrome updates, Hulu Plus updates for Chromecast, and Plants vs Zombies 2! We got that and more!

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