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  • History Of Gohan!

    Today on Variant gives you the History Of Gohan!


  • Ghost in the Shell Trailer ANALYSIS - What They Changed!

    Filup and Whitney dive deep into the GitS Trailer, compare the movie to the Ghost in the Shell anime and manga.

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  • Ghost In The Shell (2017) Trailers - Cool or Clueless?

    We take a look at the new Ghost in the Shell teasers, plus Pokemon Uranium seems to be no-more, but does anything really end?

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  • If We Were the Power Rangers

    What would you do with the entirety of the Power Rangers franchise? We would put em on TableTalk.


  • What is Slice of Life Anime?

    Want to watch the best Slice of Life anime? Of course you do!

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    PLUS FullMetal Alchemist is getting the live action treatment, DC Rebirth is incredible, and how to get early access to Legend of Zelda WiiU

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  • History Of One Punch Man!

    Today on Variant Arris gives you the History of One Punch Man! Plus see what comics you should buy this week!


  • A Super Frenzy Panic on #TableTalk!

    Suptic, Reina, and Jeremy talk your topics from that ol' bowl.

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