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Underexposed covers Appleseed, our panel reviews Eureka Seven, and who would win... Goku versus Superman?

Review: Eureka Seven - Good Night Sleep Tight Young Lovers

Eureka Seven - Good Night Sleep Tight Young Lovers, directed by Tomoki Kyoda, is a movie retelling of the original anime series and just came out on Blu-ray. For almost half a century, mankind has battled a mysterious organism from space called "EIZO." In 2054, a young soldier named Renton (voiced by our own Johnny Yong Bosch) is part of the group battling EIZO. He has only one dream: to rescue his childhood friend, Eureka, who was kidnapped eight years ago and return to his hometown. Fate, however, brings tribulations to test the young love between Renton and Eureka.

Eureka Seven

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

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