Replicants are Coming, Kids Predict Cat Videos and Air Jaws!

Your Disney vacation is about to get even creepier, kids predict the Internet (right down to the cats), and if there were an Air Bud/Jaws crossover (please God let this happen!) this shark would be the star.

Our very first Shark Week as a Discovery company has drawn to a close, and if you missed it or don't have a TV, here's a clip of the shark they call "AIR JAWS". Holy crap!

Sharks are very important to the ecosystem. They help circulate oxygen and eat Jersey Shore people.

Sometimes they're cute.

Check out our new show, Melody Sheep! Which is the channel behind the awesome Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross remixes we've been enjoying as of late.

Your Disney vacation is about to get a little more OMG KILL IT WITH FIRE NOW!

Little kids predict the Internet, right down to the cats.

At this point, cats are just dicks.

Thanks for watching!