E3 Preview, Creepy Yoga, Fire Eating and That Facebook Song SOLVED

E3 is next week, so pretty much the whole office is gearing up for it. Not some of us, though. Some of us are busy eating fire, watching public access yoga videos and investigating that terrible Facebook song from last week. Here are the results.

Oh hey, so next week is going to be a big week! It's E3 - and practically the whole office is heading down to LA to cover it... or sitting in their cube watching yoga instructional videos.

In case you were wondering who would create a horrible song dedicated to Facebook, it's these people.

Internet hosts are eating fire.

Max Scoville previews E3 on Tekzilla.

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and Catherine Reitman breaks down MIB3, the latest in the 90s franchise you totally forgot about.

Thanks for watching! See you soon!