Google's Project Glass Offers All Sorts of Potential for Alerts, iPhone Users Get Annoyed with Instagram and Shooting a Short Film with Only an iPhone

Get all sorts of alerts with Google's Project Glass, iOS users aren't too thrilled with Instagram now that it has hit Android, Annie talks about her awesome outfits, Titanic is coming back to theaters and yes, you can shoot a film simply using your iPhone!

Android users got Instagram this week and iOS users were all, EWWW gross nasty!

Ryan Connolly made a RAD short film using only an iPhone.

Google wants you to wear these super advanced cyborg glasses. Hope they come with designer frames.

BONUS VIDEO: Remember this from Reddit like 3 years back? Time to dig it up again in honor of the ridiculous Titanic re-release, and Annie's precious heirloom pendant...since you asked.

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