Cool Pickle Tricks, Boobstagram, Killer Bunnies and More from PAX East!

Hey there, I am back from vacay! And I missed yous guys. Here's what went down this week: How to light up a pickle (yes), an Instagram version that EVERYONE can agree on, and some excellent highlights from PAX East.

First up, thanks for the suggestions on how Google Glass technology could be used in our lives. They are: skydiving and porn. Yeah.

And despite all the strife and resentment between iOS and Android users, here's one version of Instagram that everyone at work can agree on.

You can find all of our PAX East coverage, here in playlist form here.

And the full interview with the creator of HELL YEAH (killer sex tape bunny game).

Additionally, everyone at Rev3 Games is OBSESSED with Fez, releasing today.

If you're ever at a loss for the perfect emoticon to express your complicated emotions, check out Emojicons.

FINALLY, introducing a brand new show from the creators of Tekzilla and io9. It's io9: We Come From the Future!

Thanks for watching... see you next week!