In a Galaxy Far, Far Away Tupac is Still Alive & Rapping

So how did they make that Tupac hologram, anyway? And which dead celebrity would YOU most like to see resurrected? Plus Emily from Film Riot has a terrible case of the dreaded Bieber Fever and the worst (and best) of summer blockbusters coming to theaters near you!

Hello there. Happy 4/20, bruhhhh. So by now we've all seen the Tupac hologram, but how did they actually pull that off? Well, it's not actually a hologram. What?

Emily from Film Riot has a truly terrifying case of Bieber Fever.

And which summer blockbusters do we predict will BOMB the hardest? Check out the io9 poll here.

And finally, a message from the original hologram gangsta, R2D2.

Thanks for watching, see you next week!