Upskirts, Zombies and the WORST Commute Ever

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Upskirts, Zombies and the WORST Commute Ever

The new, more "realistic" Lara Croft has garnered some controversy, but at least we have Juliet Starling for our ridiculous video game fantasy woman needs. Plus WWDC updates, and some perspective on how much WORSE our commutes could be.

As it turns, out, not everyone is a fan of the new, more "realistic" Lara Croft. But thankfully, there's always Juliet Starling of Lollipop Chainsaw.

(By the way, this guy doesn't like real girls either!)

WWDC happened, and we're most excited that ios 6 will no longer be autocorrecting your swears.

Here are the full rundowns of the Apple's new slate of products:

Bay Area Rapid Transit (which I take to work) was shut down on Thursday, so everything got &@%#$)'ed up.

But at least we're not on these Russian roadways.