iPad 3, Windows 8 Preview, Google's Creeping People Out Again, and LEAP YEAR WTF!

BOOYAH! We're live on Revision3 as of this week, too! So if you would like you can subscribe to this video there. This week, from Apple's iPad 3 memo to Google's Privacy changes, everyone's getting a little bit creepy.

What's cracking this week?

WilsonTech1 is LIVE on Revision3, as many pointed out to me last week. You can hear his full take on the iPad announcement HERE.
And I dare you not to giggle.

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is out! It doesn't look terrible. Tekzilla has the full rundown, and you can even download it yourself if you want to test it out.

The GeekBeat team are in Japan, taking in all the awesome stuff they have over there (mostly, a lot of awesome food, phones cases, and the bathrooms. They're CRAZY.) Here's a sample.

Here's a srs scientific argument as to why he have a LEAP YEAR, WHAT THE F*#$!

And finally, a highly serious rundown on what the Google Privacy Changed mean for you! Hint: Ask Jeeves...

Thanks for watching, see you next week.