Olympic Running is Suddenly More Exciting, Galaxy S3 Torture, and Some Tasty Fish

Don't care about Olympic hurdling that much? Now you do, thanks for Michelle Jenneke. Our new show Gizmoslip puts the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the ultimate test, and the Internet discovers an interesting new fish.

Don't care about hurdling? Now you do, thanks to Michelle Jenneke.

Welcome Gizmoslip! This week they subject the Samsung Galazy S3 to the DROP TEST. How does it do?

I'm thinking this would play well at Burning Man.

Carson Daly (what?) shows you how to get the Olympics online.

A cool fish that looks like something else. Good work Internet!

**PROGRAMMING NOTE: This episode originally contained reviews and material surrounding the Batman release. In light of Friday's horrific events I cut these from the episode. Please forgive any awkwardness in pacing resulting from the last minute edit. Thank you...**

See you next week.