The Amazing Spider-Man is Not Quite Amazing, the God Particle Explained, Totally Disturbing Fireworks & Time Travel!

How did The Amazing Spider-Man do? Let's ask the Variant/Film Riot guys and Catherine Reitman. Plus the most off-putting firework you'll ever see, the Higgs boson gets discovered, inaccurate American History and more!

Happy belated 4th of July, the date on which Americans remember our nation's history!

Fireworks are cool. But have you seen THIS firework? (Yes this is considered a "firework").

In honor of explosions in general, Ryan Connoly runs down the top 10 movie explosions.

Reviews are in for Spider-Man! It's...okay? Catherine Reitman's review. Variant's review.

Destructoid reruns an old episode from 1997. Bitchin'!
And the Higgs Boson. The God/Dog Particle. Here's a good explanation.