Microsoft ZING, Gangster Goes Magic and a Big Fat Lovefest

It's called the Surface tablet, but they should have named it Microsoft ZING. Plus Magic the Gathering goes hard, LEAKED Xbox, more Ryan Seacrest than you could ever possibly handle, and a big thanks to everyone who sends in their cool projects.

The Surface, ooh, burn! All punk-ass comments aside, it looks pretty cool. Though there are a variety of opposing viewpoints on the matter.

Everyone can benefit from some therapy sometimes, ya know? But not this therapy. THIS therapy.

We already knew that Magic is inherently hard but Remy nails it.

This part is important so it's in all caps. EVERYONE SENDS ME COOL PROJECTS ALL THE TIME SO HERE ARE A FEW OF THEM...

3flection Awesome music video by Scott Welsch.

An upcoming feature film about podcasting teens who get attacked by zombies at a comic con. So basically, your life.

and a campaign to count to a billion!!