The 30 Second Challenge!

In this 30 Second Challenge, each of your AppJudgment hosts gets half a minute to make or break an app review. Are they successful? Watch to find out!

David Prager: Scramble2 for the iPhone

Scramble 2

Version 2.0  |  Developed by Zynga  |  Free

The game is simple, in your playing space, letters are arranged in a grid as 4 or 5 across and 4 or 5 down. Your goal is to link as many words as possible within a 2 or 3 minute time period. Drag your fingers across letters or press on them sequentially to complete words. The longer the words you get, the more points you get. At the end of each round, you can see a list of every possible word you could have gotten. The total number of possible words is always displayed.

If you want to get competitive, and I know you do, not only can you play and pass the same grid to a friend right next to you, but you can challenge friends (or strangers) to play online and see their high scores through integration with Facebook Connect.

A definite DOWNLOAD if you are into word games.

Stephanie Chu: WhatTheFont for the iPhone


Version 1.1  |  Developed by MyFonts  |  Free

Half novelty and half utility, this free app lets the type geeks out there identify fonts around town and on the street. It works by simply taking or loading in a photo, cropping your focus area, then defining letters. WhatTheFont then processes the photo and gives you a list of similar, but not exact matches of fonts.

Hopefully, you have decent lighting and a good angle since the app can be a little sensitive... but all in all, it's a fun, easy to use app that allows you to identify fonts to use later.

Annie Gaus: IsoBusy for the iPhone


Version 1.0  |  Developed by Stout Systems  |  $0.99

IsoBusy is the most foolproof method to get out of meetings, escape awkward?social situations or exit any situation, whenever you need to. Comes loaded with 23 Hollywood-caliber "accomplices" to ensure your safe getaway. (via

Mauricio Balvanera: Yammer for the Blackberry, iPhone, iPod Touch


Version 1.320  |  Developed by Yammer, Inc.  | Free

Yammer is a tool for making companies and organizations more productive through the exchange of short frequent answers to one simple question: What are you working on?

Ron Richards: Fortune Cookie for the Android

Fortune Cookie

Version 1.0.2 | Developed by Soundroid 2012 | Free

You shake your Android G1 phone. You get a fortune. Fun. Download, why not?

Patrick Norton: Sheep Launcher Free for the iPhone

Fortune Cookie

Version 1.0.1 | Developed by Kronos Games | Free

If the ninety nine cent price for Sheep, Sheep Abduction, Zombies vs. Sheep or Sheep Launcher Plus! is too much to bear... try out Sheep Launcher Free! Kronos games combines a sheep, a WW 1 style flight helmet and your iPhones touch screen into a poke based time waster that distracted me from my undersized seat and total lack of legroom for at least half my last cross country frlight from SFO to EWR before I finally tore myself away. Download!