Make Your iPad Become an External Display


Make Your iPad Become an External Display

Turn your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone into an extra monitor for your computer using AirDisplay.

Having an extra display for your desktop or laptop computer is nice. You can spread your work or entertainment onto more real estate and switch between tasks more efficiently.

AirDisplay allows you to easily turn your iPhone or iPad into an extra monitor. AirDisplay functions over your wireless network, so you must be connected to the same wifi or create an ad-hoc network for the app to function.

You will need to download and install client software onto your computer in order to mirror or extend your desktop display. AirDisplay can function in addition to other existing external displays and will function at up to a 1024x768 resolution.

Air Display functions in both landscape or portrait modes. In addition to the real estate an external display provides, you can also take advantage of the iPad or iPhone touch screens and use it like a tablet computer.

If you download for the iPad, you can download for the iPhone at no additional cost.

Review by David Prager