Note Everything Pro vs. Evernote Android!

Any Android users out there need some help getting organized? Today we compare two well-known note-taking applications - Note Everything (the Pro version) and Evernote.

Many of us are familiar with Evernote, the behemoth of note-taking apps with versions for the iphone, the web, and now for Android. How does it stack up against Note Everything Pro?

Note Everything Pro boasts greater functionality than Evernote. Among the handiest features are durable checklists, which ensure that you'll never forget anything at your weekly trip to the grocery store again.

Evernote keeps it simple with its familiar green interface. It lacks the bells and whistles of Note Everything Pro, but may feel more manageable for the slightly disorganized Android User (*ahem, Annie Gaus). Note Everything Pro is a fine app, but Android users should test out the free version first before paying for the Pro features.

Review by: Annie Gaus