Visual Music discovery with Slice for Android

Can this music visual discovery app compete with Pandora?

Hot News:

-Foursquare rival, My Town just got a little richer. Congrats to Booyah who developed My Town (Annie reviewed the app back in episode 97)! The company just raised $20 mil in funding.

More info on Booyah funding here: Booyah raises $20 mil

Speaking of Foursquare, the social gaming app has upped the ante for Mayors of various Starbucks locations nationwide. Now, if you unlock a starbucks mayor badge, you can get $1 off a frappuccino -- which is a pretty decent discount. I suspect that there will be other foursquare/starbucks discounts in the future.

More info on the Starbucks/Foursquare partnership here: Starbucks discounts nationwide using Foursquare

Hot App of the Day

Just released is Slice. Powered by music analysts from Echo nest, this app allows you to explore music visually.

What does that mean? Well, search for an artist and you get this nifty pie chart that shows you similar sounding artists

Once you sign up with - the music library where Slice gets its music, you get continuous play of your favorite artists.

However, (the music streaming service it gets it pulls from) is US only, and to start you can only stream 10 hours per week. If you blow through that, it'll default to 30 second preview clips.

Also, only has licensing deals with SONY and EMI -- which is why when i type Band of horses, or Muse, nothing shows up.

Check out Slice today. It's free and you can get it hereSlice for Android app

Download Slice for Android: