Android: Google Voice

With all the attention Google Voice has gotten recently, Ron Richards takes a look at the Android App for the T-Mobile G1.

Recently there has beeen a ton of attention to the fact that Google Voice was banned from the iPhone app store. An unfortunate turn of events for iPhone users, but a T-Mobile G1 users running Android can download the free Google Voice application for Android. Ron Richards snagged a Google Voice account, downloaded the app and gave it a test drive.

Google Voice is an application that allows you to create and manage a telephone number. You can route calls to your cell phone or you land line, as well as receive text messages and voicemails. Google has made it possible to transcribe your voicemails and have them sent via SMS or e-mail, so you never have to dial into voicemail again. There are some great customization options, such as unique voicemail greetings for specific people or groups, as well as call blocking from unwanted callers. The application really allows you to take control of your phone and dictate how you are contacted.

The one thing Google Voice has lacked was an elegant way to integrate with your phone. They have a mobile site, but with this new world of mobile phone apps, the opportunity to have a seamless integration with your phone is just one app install away.