Free Multiplayer Shooter: Project I.N.F. [Beta] for Android!

Feed your real-time multiplayer top-down shooter addiction even when you can't get on that console or PC! Jackie Talbott reviews ChickenBrick Studio's Project I.N.F. Beta for Android.

Project I.N.F. is Android's first true real-time, online multiplayer top-down shooter. And as if that wasn't enough, it's free! Project I.N.F. incorporates the tactics of player vs. player (PvP), a gaming style reminiscent of some of our favorite titles like Dick Tracy on NES and the early days of Grand Theft Auto, and feeds your shooter addiction even when you can't get on your console.

You can play Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag choosing between three different maps. There are also three classes to choose from and can manage up to six different characters. To aid in battle, there are team-specific in game stores that sell passive trinkets and active, one-time boosts.

Sounds like a gamer's dream, right? Check out the video for all the awesome features and find out where Project I.N.F. falls short!

Review by: Jackie Talbott