Fring - The Android Alternative to iPhone 4's Facetime?

With the Sprint HTC EVO, video chat comes to Android. Does this give Apple's Facetime a run for it's money?

Applications like Fring, Knocking, and Qik are, hopefully, going to give apple a run for it's money. We've already talked about Knocking and Qik in earlier episodes and we all concluded that they need some finetuning before they're ready for the big top, but we haven't fully run Fring thru the ringer, so this episode does just that.

Fring is free in the marketplace and actually does a lot more than just video chat. It agrigates your AIM, Twitter, Google Talk, MSN Live, ICQ, Yahoo, and SIP accounts. Now that's a whole lot of social networking.

On wifi, the video quality and latency aren't great. Sessions that did have acceptable quality and sync were great, but those sessions were few and far between. Other fring users I've spoken to havn't had any sync issues at all. So take that for whatever it's worth. It's clear this is either not a Facetime killer, or Facetime is going to be plagued by the same network issues Fring suffers.

Review by: Mauricio Balvanera