Android: aHome

Dissatisfied with the interface on your Android phone? Change it with aHome! Alter the way your phone looks and launches programs and free up more space for apps.

One of the advantages of the open development platform of Android is that it allows applications like aHome from mAPPn to exist. For only $4.99, aHome is a home replacement application for your phone. What does that mean? Well simply put, it replaces your desktop and launching applications from the default launcher installed in Android. By doing so, it enables additioanl functionality and ways to organize your phone. Additionally, aHome opens up the possibility of themes on your phone, so you can customize the look and feel of your phone, away from the default set of icons and graphics with Android. With the ability to support themes, aHome opens you up hundreds of themes available in the Android Marketplace to make your phone look how ever you want it to. One of the most powerful apps I've run into in a while, aHome has a wide array of settings and preferences so you can tweak and adjust the application and how it manages your phone to your desire.

Review by: Ron Richards