Barcode Scanner for Android App Downloads

Maximize your phone's potential by scanning QR Code and other barcodes with Barcode Scanner. Find out the secrets to scanning with your phone!

Have you noticed those little square boxes with dots around the web? Those are QR Codes and they're a quick and easy way to get information, like a URL or product information into your phone. With the aid of a simple and free app called Barcode Scanner, you can enable your phone to scan these little boxes to quickly jump to the Android marketplace to download an app, or pull up information in a browser. Barcode Scanner can also scan regular product barcodes to aid you in searches on Google. If you're new to the Android operating system, be it with a Nexus One, Droid or any Android phone, you'll want to know all about Barcode Scanner and how you can use QR Codes in your everyday life.

Review by: Ron Richards