Access Your Files ANYWHERE with Dropbox for Android

Store, share and download files anywhere with Dropbox for Android! The web app is popular and now you get the same benefit on your mobile phone.

Dropbox is a web app that allows you to store files online as well as share your files with friends and access theirs as well. It's great for storing and sharing media and documents and it especially great for collaborating with co-workers when you're not in the same physical place. Now, Dropbox has come to the Android platform after already being available for the iPhone and Blackberry.

Dropbox is a free app in the android marketplace and was developed by the people behind the Dropbox website, so you're sure to have that guaranteed compatibility with your Dropbox account.

If you have a Dropbox account on the web, you can access your folders and files as well as your friends that you're sharing with. It's super easy to download the files to your phone, and media streaming is a neat feature.

Review by: Ron Richards