Android: Farm Frenzy

Even though Android has great productivity and functional apps, it's also got some great games and today Ron takes a look at the addictive Farm Frenzy.

Judging by my previous reviews, you wouldn't think I have much fun on my phone. But I do like to play games on my Android phone, mainly while commuting. I've got some free games like Solitaire, but I decided to drop some cash on the game Farm Frenzy and see if it's worth the money

Farm Frenzy is a management style puzzle game, where you manage your farm, raising animals and harvesting their output, be it eggs or wool and making products like cupcakes, cheese and butter, which can be sold for money. All the while you need to make sure the animals are fed and protected from bears. You can use the money you raise to improve your farm, and move from puzzle to puzzle with increasing difficulty.

I used to love these management style games back in the day, being addicted to Sim City and games like that. Was Farm Frenzy able to grab and keep my attention?

Review by: Ron Richards