Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts on Your Android with HootSuite

Are you a Twitter power user or use Twitter for business? Then the Android app for HootSuite, which allows you to manage multiple accounts, may be the app for you!

It's been a while since we've looked at Twitter apps for Android, mainly since they're all variations on the same theme, but when HootSuite was announced, we figured it was worth discussing. As Twitter grows in popularity many people have adopted multiple accounts either for business or personal use. HootSuite already has a robust website with tools and applications for Twitter power users to manage multiple accounts, and now they have ported that functionality to the Android phone platform. By loading your HootSuite web account or setting up a new one, you can monitor your accounts, post to Twitter and review the metrics of your tweets. With all this, it seems like HootSuite is a dream app come true for Twitter power users. Does it measure up?

Review by: Ron Richards