KeyRing for Android

Leave those bulky club cards at home! With Key Ring you can create a digital copy of any club card by simply scanning its barcode or by manually entering the barcode number / membership ID. Ron Richards reviews Key Ring.

Key Ring is a free app developer by the folks at Froogloid. The concept on the app is based on the idea that we're all carrying cards and keyring tags for with barcodes for various stores.

Key Ring simply uses the camera in your phone to scan the barcode, associate it with a merchant and then store it in your phone. So when you're out shopping, you don't need to bring all those cards with you, rather just bring your phone. When you're at the supermarket checkout line, just pull up the barcode for your savings card, have the check out person scan the barcode off your phone and you're good to go, all set to get that buy 2 get 1 free offer on bacon.

Review by: Ron Richards