Take Control of Your Android Phone with Locale!

Become an Android power user with Locale! This app helps you manage settings of your phone in a really smart way.

If you want to take control of your Android phone and become a power user, then Locale is the application for you! Locale was developed by the folks at Two Forty Four AM and is $9.99 in the Android Marketplace and in a nutshell is an app that helps you manage your settings of your phone, but in a really smart way.

Locale is a total power users application that gives you situational controls over your phone. The Time and Location based controls make this a killer app, and the sleek interface design makes it a breeze to use. The only drawbacks are that I found the location based settings to be a bit clunky and GPS control is missing from the settings. Also, it's pricey, at $9.99 for a powerful app but one that you set up and then forget about.

Review by: Ron Richards