Android: Locate Your Phone with Mobile Defense

You just spent hundreds of dollars on a Nexus One. What if you lose it? Mobile Defense for Android lets you locate and lock your lost or stolen phone, which is all kinds of awesome.

One of my biggest concerns dating back to my very first cell phone was what if I lost it or it got stolen? Think of all the data you have in your phone, especially nowadays with smartphones. All your contacts and now your e-mail and other sensitive material. So if you lose your phone, someone could not only use it to make calls but also have access to all your personal data. Mobile Defense is an application, that once installed on your phone, can help you to locate and then lock down your missing or stolen phone. Not only is a handy tool to find a lost cell phone, but the added secruity involved in locking your phone down makes Mobile Defense an ideal solution to protect yourself from theft or loss.

Review by: Ron RIchards