Spreadsheets for Android & Shead Spreet Pro

Part of the greatness of a smartphone is being able to work on the road, and that often means having to edit spreadsheets. Ron takes a look at Spreadsheets for the Android and Shead Spreet Pro.

Smartphones can be about fun and games and things like that, but for those professionals amongst us, it can also be a tool for productivity on the road. One of the necessary evils of the world is having to access and edit spreadsheets. Browsing through the Android Marketplace, Ron Richards discovered two applications: Shead Spreet Pro and Spreadsheets for Android that claim to give the app and the access to those dreaded spreadshets that you need to run the numbers. So how do they shape up? Was Ron able to import an existing spreadsheet and edit it just like on a computer? Find out on this installment of AppJudgment!

Review by: Ron Richards

Shead Spreet Pro

Version 2.4 | Developed by Keith Wiley | $3.99

- Able to open XLS spreadsheets
- Has basic spreadsheet functionality

- Easy tasks nearly impossible
- Loses formatting + formulas when opening existing spreadsheets

Spreadsheet for Android

Version 1.0.0 | Developed by Byte2 | £0.99

- Looks and feels like Excel
- Full featured
- Easily make formatting changes
- Great formula support and descriptions

- A pain to open a downloaded spreadsheet