3 Android OS Task Killers

You asked for App Task Killers for Android, and Ron is here to give you the rundown on 3 apps! Advanced Task Killer, TasKiller and TaskPanel. Which kills tasks the best?

Over the past few weeks, we've recieved a bunch of e-mail from viewers asking for us to take a look at Task Killers. A Task Killer app is a management app that let's you shut down (or kill) an application that is running in the background or simultaneously to your other apps. It gives you better control over your memory management and let's you keep your phone running smoothly. With so many in the Android App Store, how do you know which one to use? We took at a look at 3 different task killers and break them down for you so you can find the task killer to fit your needs, be it with widgets or a single touch to kill all running apps.

Review by: Ron Richards