Parking Apps

Hate Parking in Your City? Your Phone Can Help!

Especially for the city-dwellers out there, finding a decent parking spot for your car can be a frustrating experience. Ron and Annie demo apps for Android and iOS, respectively, that aim to help your parking experience less painful.

Started as an experimental project by Google employees, OpenSpot for Android helps you find open parking spaces using user-generated data about when you leave parking spots. TakeMySpot for the iPhone does virtually the same thing, even offering "Karma Points" for leaving spots open for others.

We'd all love an easier way to park, but the problem is a lack of users. As with all services that rely on user participation, it's not much use without a large scale of participation. It's a good idea, so get on it, everyone! As long as you're riding safe, that is.

Reviews by Annie Gaus and Ron Richards.

OpenSpot for Android

Version EAC60A | Developed by Google | 252 kb | Free

"Open Spot works by letting people who are leaving parking spots share their spots with people who are searching for parking. Start helping others find parking, and together we'll all save time, save gas, and reduce pollution. Like to keep score? The more open spots you mark, the more parking 'karma points' you'll get." "

TakeMySpot for iPhone

Version 1.0.0 | Developed by Takemyspot, LLC | 412 KB | Free

"Circling the city in your car and not sure where you can park? Heading downtown and you don't want spend a small fortune parking in a lot or a garage? TakeMySpot is an intelligent parking community that provides you everything you need to stop circling the block, get a spot and keep it legal." "