The Fastest Way to Get a Phone Number - DYMO Card Scan App Review

Turn that stack of business cards you've collect into detailed and searchable contacts in your address book.

If you go to a lot of tradeshows, do a lot of business development, networking and working with various clients, then you surely end up with a fat wad of business cards. Many of those contacts can end up being pretty important, yet get lost in the jumble of that aforementioned "wad".

Thanks to the technology of optical character recognition (OCR), you can scan cards and turn the information on them into searchable text. The algorithms developed by DYMO help organize that scanned numbers and letters into appropriate fields for Name, Title, Company, Phone, Email, and so on.

Instead of needing a stand alone hardware card scanner attached to your computer, DYMO offers up iPhone and Blackberry apps that allow the user to scan "scan" cards in with the devices' built in camera.

Review by: David Prager