Google Chrome to Phone for Android


Google Chrome to Phone for Android

Move information from your Chrome Browser easily to your phone with this neat Application and Extension for Chrome and Android from Google.

Quite often you may find yourself using your desktop computer to find information that you'll eventually need on your phone, be it a map or directions, or text or even a phone number. Google came up with the idea of creating a way to move data seamlessly from Chrome (The web browser created by Google) to your Android phone (the phone operation system created by Google) through a combination of a browser extension and an app for your phone called Chrome to Phone!

Review by: Ron Richards


Google Chrome to Phone

Version 2.1.1 | Developed by Google | 216 KB | Free

- Push links from your browser to your phone
- Small app size
- Free!

- A little tricky to get set up
- Requires Chrome
- Requires an extension for your browser

Pros, Cons & Final Judgment

I never realized how useful a simple application like this could be. Moving data and information from my browser to my phone makes using my phone that much easier. Thanks Google!