DropCopy: Share Text and Files Between iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & Mac

Mauricio shows how you can easily share files and clipboard text between iPhones, iPod Touches, the iPad, iPad2 and Macintosh computers with DropCopy!


Version 3.4 | Developed by Eric Redlinger | 2.1 MB | $4.99

Simple interface
Single Use Function

Slow service compared to actual file service protocols
A few bugs to work out

Easily share files and clipboard text between iPhones, iPad2, iPod Touches and Macintosh computers. DropCopy is designed to function as intuitively as possible: simply launch it on 2 or more iOS devices (or computers) that are on the same Wifi network and the devices will automatically "see" each other. You select the file you want to copy, and the destination; DropCopy takes care of the rest. To get files from the Mac to your iPhone, simply drag a file onto our discreet "dropzone" on your desktop and it is transferred immediately to your chosen destination. To learn more, watch another video of DropCopy in action!
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Review by: Mauricio Balvanera