Yahoo! Fantasy Football '10 for iPhone and Android


Yahoo! Fantasy Football '10 for iPhone and Android

Yahoo! Fantasy Football is arguably the most popular fantasy football platform out there. In this episode, we review the Android and iPhone apps for Yahoo! Fantasy Football.

Fantasy Sports are quickly becoming more and more mainstream with each season and new technological innovation. In today's hyper-connected world it only makes sense to be able to manage your fantasy teams on the go. The Yahoo! Fantasy Football app allows you to do just that.

When you create a Yahoo! Fantasy Football team, you generally draft and manage a roster of players whose individual performances each game dictate the number of points you score compared to that of your competition.

The mobile application allows you to:
- Make last second edits to your starting lineup
- View your weekly matchups and league standings
- Research potential new roster additions and dump players who aren't making the cut

Join the Revision3-Appjudgment Fantasy Football Pick'em League! It may be a long name, but it's really easy to play. Each week just choose 1 NFL game and pick who you think the winner will be. The twist is that you can only pick each NFL team once over the course of the season. If you make the right pick you can move on to the next week. If your team loses you are eliminated. Last person standing with the most correct picks in a row is the winner!

Just go to

Enter the following Group # to join: - Group ID#: 24631
- Password: revision3

Click "Join Group" again and that's it! Good luck!

Review by: Chris Jennings