Foodspotting - Find Delicious Eats Wherever You Are!


Foodspotting - Find Delicious Eats Wherever You Are!

Are you a foodie? Today on AppJudgment we check out an app that lets your Android phone or iPhone find the best food whether out on the town or off in the country.

Foodies are always looking to taste, eat or drink the best foods in the world. But how do you find out where these places are and if they are any good at all? Well, there is an app for that. Foodspotting lets your app do the looking for you and is creditable to the word of mouth concept. You can view, find and review - all in one app for your Android Phone or iPhone!

Review by Ron Richards


Foodspotting Lite

Version 0.0.3 | Developed by Foodspotting | Free

- Easily take pics and tag food you eat
- Publish to your social networks
- Browse photos of food of the area you're in

- Limited user specific functions
- Can't manage friends
- Can't filter to see your friends photos

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