Halloween Spooktacular! Serious Android Camera Apps & Special Edition Angry Birds

As Halloween quickly approaches and the holidays quickly snowballing, 'tis the season to look at some serious camera apps for Android! Anthony and Jackie share their favorites, and a little something special for Angry Bird enthusiasts!

During the holiday season, cameras are a must-have! As camera replacement apps and mobile devices raise the standard for cell phonography, more serious apps are popping up in the app marketplace. Vignette and Camera 360 for Android are two apps that definitely give the photographer a wider range of filters, effects, interfaces and results! Take a look at how these two compare to each other as well as other cameras!

Review by: Anthony Carboni and Jackie Talbott



Version 2010-10-19 | Developed by neilandtheresa | 153 KB | $3.93

- So many effects!
- Usable and recognizable interface
- Can import original photos and apply filters and effects

- Too many effects!
- Can't choose random from custom presets
- Can be a bit complicated and time consuming

Camera 360
Camera 360

Version 0.9.8 | Developed by mAPPn, Inc. | 2260 KB | $3.99

- Easy to use despite range of effects
- Impressive HDR and Tilt Shift effects
- Creative frames and add-ons

- Very buggy, crashes and force closes too often
- Can't import and apply effects to exiting images
- Same price as Vignette with less effects and filters

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