Infinity Blade Review: Best iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Game to Date?


Infinity Blade Review: Best iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Game to Date?

The fastest grossing app of all time is here for the iPhone and iPad - Infinity Blade! Stephanie Chu gives you a preview of the combat game before you buy it. And you'll definitely want to buy it.

Like any great combat game, there's a great story. It begins with a warrior battling his way up to destroy the great God King, only to be gutted to death by the all glorious Infinity Blade. The God King then awaits the dead warrior's kin for 20 years, set out to fulfill the mission of eradicating the tyrant. You take on the role of this warrior kin, and fight the same fight your elder attempted.

Massive enemies will battle you to the death, and in the beginning, you'll be able to pick up skills in dodging, blocking, and sword fighting. Swipe left and right to tear into your enemy, and the bottom corners of the screen will move your body left or right in battle, while the upper corners will give you boosts such as magic spells or stunning your opponent.

With each win in your battles leading to the God King, you'll earn credits that earn you health, weapons, extra strength, magic and more to help in your future fights.

The battles themselves are quite exhilarating. I found myself getting so into Infinity Blade that my body physically hurt from the tension game play causes! Sounds weird, but this is a good thing.

Just as you defeat the final cast member of enemies, somehow, the game puts you back into story mode and you don't have a chance to fight! You're instantly killed by the same blade as your elder... and he again waits your next kin who will avenge your death.

Review by Stephanie Chu