iPhone: Air Mouse Pro

Air Mouse Pro for the iPhone and iPod Touch is reviewed by Stephanie Chu.

This app is all about convenience. If you're too lazy to get up from your couch to use your computer that's being used as a media station, Air Mouse Pro is just for you. Stephanie Chu demos the app and lets you know how it works, what's great, and what falls short.

Be sure to download the easy-to-install Air Mouse server software available from mobileairmouse.com. Through Wi-Fi, you can use your iPhone to control virtually any software you'd like from across the room.

If you've owned an airmouse before, you'll find that the response is about the same with Air Mouse Pro - not stellar. Fortunately, you can also control your mouse using the super precise trackpad feature. All the basic functionality you'd expect from a regular mouse and more is built in. Cursor control, scrolling, customizable hot keys for program launches, and the keyboard is just the beginning. This app is a bargain compared to the amount of money you'd be spending on separate peripherals.