iPhone: ESPN Radio

Annie Gaus reviews ESPN Radio for the iPhone.

For sports fans, ESPN Radio provides a nifty way to stay up-to-the-minute on what's happening in the NFL and much more. ESPN Radio gives you access to live feeds of a number of ESPN stations across the United States, which stream perfectly and clearly to your phone. In addition, you can listen to a wide selection of prerecorded podcasts, as well as the play-by-play broadcasts of college football games as they air. Even better, you can set ESPN Radio to background mode, which lets you continue listening after you've exited the app. ESPN Radio also features a slick news ticker with live headlines and scores across all major sports, each of which you can click on to read the full story. In this reviewer's opinion, this feature alone makes ESPN Radio worth the $3 price tag. It's not entirely perfect--the station selection is limited as of now, though more should be added in the future. But ESPN Radio is certainly a beautifully executed app and a must-have for sports fans--likely to take its rightful place in your regular app rotation for the fall and beyond.

Review by: Annie Gaus