The Check-in App for Homebodies! GetGlue for iPhone

Finally, check-in apps for those of us who prefer stay in and read, watch movies or play video games than hit the town.

The activity categories that GetGlue provides have character and reflect what many of us actually spend time doing: in addition to movies, games, books and TV, you can check in as "drinking wine", "chatting about a celebrity", or even just thinking about a particular topic. As with many check-in apps, you earn stickers the more you check in, and can view a stream by activity or topic, or by what's currently trending, to see what users are buzzing about.

GetGlue may feel a bit like a data mill, but there are enough users even at this relatively early stage that it's fun to browse and participate, plus it's FREE and - according to the tagline - you may just stumble upon our next favorite thing.

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
v. 2.1.1
by: AdaptiveBlue
4.5 MB

link: GetGlue - AdaptiveBlue