Better Than Evernote? Springpad for iPhone and Android!

Evernote might be the leading mobile note-taking app, but do they have some stiff competition in Springpad? Annie shows off the new free service, which boasts versions for the iPhone, Android as well as a desktop component so you can view your information anywhere.

As with Evernote, Springpad allows you to save and organize important "stuff" - such as events, lists, products and tasks - in a variety of ways. In addition, Springpad offers a social component that allows you to view what others are "springing" - or adding to their own stuff. With Springpad, categories are much more specific: you can add businesses, restaurants, wines, books, albums, recipes, products and much more - each with a search function that allows you to easily locate and save an item. Springpad also features a barcode scanner. While Springpad is great at remembering "stuff" - i.e. products - it's somewhat less well-suited for more practical items such as appointments. While it could use some tweaks in that regard, it's still a worthwhile, fun and user-friendly alternative to Evernote.

Review by: Annie Gaus