Sick of paying AT&T extra for SMS? Try Textie

Why shell out your hard-earned cash for extra SMS for your iPhone or iPod Touch? There are a number of free texting options out there, and today we're looking at a new one, Textie. Could it save you cash?

Developed by: Borange, Inc.
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For anyone wanting to reduce their texting plans to the minimum - or for iPod Touch users - you need a free texting app in your regular rotation. There's a new free texting service on the market, Textie, that provides a well-designed and basic interface for getting in touch with your friends without dipping into your SMS plans. If both you and your friend have Textie installed, texts are totally free. If not, they'll receive the text via their phone's SMS or by email. It works on most major US carriers (exception: T-mobile), and is totally free in the app store.

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