iPhone: Chess With Friends

In this episode, we take a close look at a chess game for the iPhone called Chess With Friends. This game allows you to play chess against anyone else in the world with an iPhone that has the free Chess with Friends game installed.

Chess with friends is NOT a traditional computer chess game. Those have been around since about the dawn of the age of computers. They are a testament to human programming ingenuity and the power computers wield with processors capable of billions of calculations per second.

The Chess With Friends iPhone app takes a more simple, yet fun approach. The game does not play against you, your friends do - and they can be anywhere. Each time you open the app, you'll see all of your current games and which ones it is your turn in. A game can be completed in minutes if you collaborate with a friend, or play out over the span of days or weeks if you only choose to take a turn every few hours or days.

The board layout allows you to easily see all your piece's possible moves as well as go back to see the sequence of previous moves. There is also a chat window where messages can be sent to your opponent from time to time.